include/exclude client/server precedence

C. P. mefistos at
Tue Mar 15 21:01:45 GMT 2005

ok, wayne:

thank you a lot, next question in another thread....

now im using:

include =   [oO][uU][tT][lL][oO][oO][kK].[pP][sS][tT] 

exclude = *.[pP][iI][fF] *.[iI][sS][oO] *.[mM][oO][vV] *.[mM][pP][33] 
*.[wW][aA][vV] *.[eE][xX][eE] *.[dD][lL][lL] *.[pP][sS][tT] *.[cC][oO][mM] 
*.[bB][aA][tT] *.[mM][pP][gG]   /Escritorio/publico/ Escritorio/personal/

in the global section of rsyncd.conf and works very well


> > #rsync.conf
> > [module]
> > include = outlook.pst
> > exclude = *.pst *.exe *.com *.mp3 etc...
> >
> > but as i have experienced, these rules only apply if are repeated as 
> > options
>They apply to the server, but not in the same way that client options do
>(i.e. they have no effect whatsoever on the client, just the server).
>This is mentioned in the rsyncd.conf (especiallly in a more modern
>release).  The purpose of these options for the daemon is to completely
>hide files so that they can't be downloaded from the server, and to
>prevent those files from uploaded to the server (in a modern rsync).
>For 2.6.4, you can instead create a server-file named .rsync-filter in
>the root dir of the module.  Then, the client can specify -F and these
>filter rules will be read-in during the processing.  When pulling, if
>--delete-after is specified, the most recent version of the rules will
>be applied to protect files from deletion (or the previous version of
>the file will apply if another form of delete is used).  When pushing,
>the client needs to have an up-to-date version of the file to prevent
>the transfer of those files to the server.

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