include/exclude client/server precedence

C. P. mefistos at
Fri Mar 11 20:58:25 GMT 2005


>This is mentioned in the rsyncd.conf (especiallly in a more modern
>release).  The purpose of these options for the daemon is to completely
>hide files so that they can't be downloaded from the server, and to

this exactly what i want:

>prevent those files from uploaded to the server (in a modern rsync).

i downloaded, compiled and installed 2.6.3. ok

rsyncd.conf 5 says:
              Because  this  exclude  list is not passed to the client it 
only applies on the
              server: that is, it excludes files received by a client when 
receiving  from  a
              server  and  files deleted on a server when sending to a 
server, but it doesn't
              exclude files from being deleted on a client when receiving 
from a server.

what i want is to get complete control over what can the client upload. i 
dont want to backup 5G of mp3 for each client, burn it!. neither want a 
smart client editing my rsync.bat and changing the filters.

tried two ways:
include = outlook.pst,
exclude = *.pif *.iso *.mov *.mp3 *.wav *.exe *.dll *.pst *.com *.bat *.mpg

exclude = +outlook.pst  -*.pif -*.iso -*.mov -*.mp3 -*.wav -*.exe -*.dll 
-*.pst -*.com -*.bat -*.mpg
this way didnot work

the clients are 2.4.6 and 2.5.1 on windows.
2.5.1 doesnt pay attention to server excludes
2.4.6 does, but not to server includes (way 1)

another hint?

thank you


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