Rsync to upload certain files and ignore others

Kevin Smith JediKnight2 at
Fri Mar 11 13:40:02 GMT 2005

It does have sub-directories...but I have tried a variation of things...this
is on a WinBlows I have a batch file with this:

set PATH=c:/BackupFiles;%PATH%
set CYGWIN=binmode tty
set TERM=ansi
set USERNAME=testuser
set HOME=c:/BackupFiles/home/testuser
set RSYNC_RSH=ssh.exe
rsync -rav -e ssh \BackupFiles\Backup\%count%\ testuser at

I have used the line 

I have also tried to use a --include-from txt file with the above and
--include='*/' added before the exclude...still doesn't work..I am sure my
syntax is WRONG somewhere, but I spent all night trying all sorts of
variations with no luck...

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On Thu, Mar 10, 2005 at 05:20:49PM -0800, jediknight2 wrote:
> I have tried this
> rsync -rav -e ssh --include='*.gpg' --exclude='*' \Backup\%count%\
> testuser at\%count%\

Are there subdirectories involved?  The man page talks about how you
need to specify --include='*/' in that situation (check it out for full

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