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> I've been researching the state of 'file alteration monitoring' 
> technology on Linux. Famd uses dnotify to inefficently monitor a handful 
> of directories. The replacement for dnotify is being worked on in the 
> kenel and it's called inotify. If I understand it correctly and they get 
> it finished, it would be an awesome addition to rsync. With it, you 
> could run rsync to update a remote system (push mode) and keep it 
> up2date. With inotify efficiently feeding 'file opened for write was 
> just closed' notifications to rsync, it could efficiently and 
> continuously mirror an active file system. With enough bandwidth, the 
> time lag could be mere seconds.

Again, this reminds me to some preload library I wrote for this purpose.
It intercepted all file-manipulating library calls and replicated it to
a number of sync'ed servers.

> My challenge is to mirror 300 gigs of half meg files on to three remote 
> filesystems, afap. Most of the files are 'write and leave for two 
> months' with some being 'write 4 times a day' so rsync should be perfect 
> if it can be told right after the file is created. We are installing 
> fiber to our building so this might be the perfect combination to come 
> up with a five second mirror performance.

I'd defitively rewrite it, since the initial implementation isn't any
longer available to me...


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