--one-file-system problem

Chuck Wolber chuckw at quantumlinux.com
Wed Mar 2 07:58:55 GMT 2005

rsync commandline:

/usr/bin/rsync -e /usr/bin/ssh --archive --compress --sparse  
--verbose --stats --delete --numeric-ids --partial --relative  
--one-file-system  target.host:/ /destination/path/

target rsync version: 2.6.3
destination rsync version: 2.6.2

The server we're trying to synchronize contains directories within "/" 
that are mounted to other locations within "/". When the sync occurs, the 
mounted directories get copied, despite the fact that we use the 
--one-file-system argument. Is this a bug, or have I misunderstood the use 
of the --one-file-system argument?

I can wrap my mind around the fact that the mounted directory is actually 
a part of the filesystem that it is mounted to, and thus can't be divorced 
from the concept of one file system. If that's truly the case, is it worth 
my time to come up with a --really-one-file-system patch?


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