Anonymous rsync + chroot + LDAP

Wayne Davison wayned at
Wed Mar 2 01:35:38 GMT 2005

On Tue, Mar 01, 2005 at 03:53:45PM -0800, Josh Smith wrote:
> The problem when away if I turned off chroot, or if I put a copy of
> into ${path}/lib/

Some folks have been reporting that an rsync daemon running on FC 2 (and
now FC 3) with chroot enabled dies when the password library functions
attempt to lookup the user information (though it might also be group
information on some systems -- I don't have enough details to be sure).
I don't know if LDAP was involved with the earlier incidents or not.
I'm assuming that the crash is occurring in the library routines
themselves, but I haven't yet see a backtrace from a core dump to know
for sure.

What should happen in rsync is that the call to lookup the name of a UID
should simply fail, and rsync would proceed as though --numeric-ids had
been specified.  This is what happens for my setups, but they just use
the old-fashioned /etc/passwd /etc/group lookups.

You already discovered two ways to work around the problem -- turning
off chroot and putting the libraries for the username lookup into the
chroot environment.  One other one is to have the clients specify
--numeric-ids on the command-line.

The most useful thing would be for someone to get a core dump of the
crash, list the backtrace, and discover if this is a bug in the
libraries.  If (as I suspect) it is, a bug report to the affected
library's author is in order.


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