rsync .gz files?

Francois Collard Francois.Collard at
Thu Jun 30 14:21:08 GMT 2005

Hello all.

I would more suspect the gzip behaviour that changes the file
permissioning during compression.... And can also let both files:
 xxx AND xxx.gz after an error... I have found such  unexpected files on
nfs systems.

By the way I am interested in a method where  I could avoid to
 send .gz files if the uncompressed version exists on remote
In other term a way to use rsync to compare compressed and not
compressed files.
Is there a way to tell rsync to use an external comparison program ?
As there is a --size-only option, there is no --date-only option...

Thanks and regards


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From: Paul Slootman <paul at>
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On Wed 29 Jun 2005, Diane Rolland wrote:
> Interactively, I get the following error:
> :rsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23) at 
> main.c(1045)
> In the /etc/rsyncd.log, for each of the files, I get:
> send_files failed to open /backup/exp_dbase_2005-06-2
> 8.gz: Permission denied

So it seems that the sending side isn't allowed to open the files in

> My command is:
> rsync --verbose  --progress --stats --rsh=/usr/bin/ssh --recursive 
> --delete
> prsvr01::prod-db/backup/* /prod/db/backup

Tip: leave off the '*', you're already telling rsync to be recursive.

> My module on the source host is:
> [prod-db]
>    path = /prod/db
>    comment = /prod/db
>    uid = nobody

Is user 'nobody' allowed to read those files?

Paul Slootman

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