Rsync question

Paul Slootman paul at
Thu Jun 30 08:38:49 GMT 2005

On Thu 30 Jun 2005, Judith Flo wrote:

> Well, i've been just working with rsync also, and want to use
> the --files-from option and write the same command.
> And my question is: wouldn't it be the "correct" behavior to
> provide just one file with the --files-from without writting a
> source dir?
> I mean, the content of the files-from file shows the sources which
> i want to rsync so, why do i have to provide anything else?

Read the manpage, the --files-from section, in particular this:

    The file names that are read from the FILE are all relative to
    the source dir -- any leading slashes are removed and no ".."
    references are allowed to go higher than the source  dir.

If you don't supply a source dir, to what directory should the file
names be relative to?

Paul Slootman

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