Rsync files with long filename

Nicholas Gill ngill at
Thu Jun 30 00:50:15 GMT 2005

Hello all,

I'm currently using rsync to sync a large directory of user files to a
remote server. All is working well, except that files with ridiciously
long file names appear to be skipped.


skipping overly long name: sys/HOME/USERNAME/USERNAMElt/Documents and
Settings/USERNAME/Local Settings/Temporary Internet

Of course, this is just a temp file, however a number of important files
are not being copied.

My setup (which otherwise is working well) is rsyncing between two w2k3
machines with cygwin.

Rsync command: 

$RSYNC -vrpogtz --delete \
   --exclude=.mappedfiles --include-from=$RCONF \
   --modify-window 10 $RHOST::backup$SPATH $DPATH

With all paramaters set correctly

Any suggestions?



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