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Wed Jun 29 06:53:00 GMT 2005

Hello everybody,

I am using rsync to make an identical mirror of an existing server. It's 
been working fine since some time now.
Now, I've just added a firewire disk to both servers and created a symlink 
to the mounted disk within the source and destination trees:

Server P (source, rsync is running as a daemon on this server):
       |___fwdisk (this is a symlink pointing to /fwdisk, created using 
ln -s /fwdisk /Images/fwdisk)

Server H (destination):
       |___fwdisk (symlink pointing to /fwdisk)

Only the Images module is exported on the source server. I don't want to 
export the fwdisk directory.
I want all files in /Images/fwdisk (which is actually /fwdisk) to be copied 
from Server P to Server H (to the corresponding directory, i.e, to /fwdisk 
via the symlink /Images/fwdisk on Server H).

Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance. 

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