Question about include/exclude rules

l.corbo at l.corbo at
Tue Jun 28 12:22:22 GMT 2005

Hi all,
I'm trying to made a filtered backup of a windows PC.
My target is to create a recursive backup of "only" files reported in the
include/exclude files (i.e. only *.txt).
the rules (reported below) work well, but also create an empty folders
structure that I don'want.

Rsync works fine for me (the rules are reported below) except a point,
rsync create an empty folders structure that I don'want.

I'm trying to explain better.

Suppose that the source folder is:

I used the following syntax:

rsync -avz --delete-excluded ./source/ ./dest  --exclude-from=exclude.txt

where the rules in the exclude.txt are:

+ *.txt
+ */
- *

rsync create in the dest folder:


Please note if I omit the rules "+ */", I cannot fetch recursively the
folders and thus the ./source/afolder/b.txt file.
I misleading anything?
There is anyway to exclude the creation of the empty folders?

My environment is:
Win XP Pro SP2
rsync 2.6.4 (from cygwin)

Thanks in advantage,


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