Two Questions

Nathan Bullock nathan_kent_bullock at
Wed Jun 22 03:33:25 GMT 2005

I have looked for answers to these two questions on
Google, rsync mailing lists, and of course the rsync
man page but seem to be coming up blank.

First: What is the advantage of using the rsync daemon
vs just rsync over ssh? I am hoping for a link to a
webpage that details these differences.

Second: How does rsync over ssh initiate itself on the
remote machine? Here is what I mean. As I understand
remote shells they can be used for executing commands
on a remote machine, but the program already has to be
there for this to work. Otherwise the program has to
be transferred there and then executed. Is this

So does rsync first have to transfer an instance of
itself to the remote computer so that they can both do
the coordinating of file bits to move back and forth.
Or is there something I don't understand about how
rsync actually works on the remote computer. Or
possibly something I don't understand about remote
execution of a program over ssh.

Sorry if these are overly newby-ish.

Nathan Bullock

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