linux kernel, git, and stateful sync

Andrew Shewmaker agshew at
Mon Jun 20 20:18:13 GMT 2005

I just read an article on Kernel Trap that mentioned that rsync wasn't
quite meeting the needs of the linux kernel developers and I was
wondering if H. Peter Anvin or Nathan Laredo had expressed their needs
to the rsync developers?

I didn't see anything in the mail archives.

While the public portion of the Linux Kernel Archives is served by the
hardware described above, there is a third server, a private master
server to which data is originally written and then pushed out to the
public servers. The seven-time increase in the number of files being
archived has caused two problems for the interaction between the
master server and the public servers.

The first problem involves rsync, which is used to synchronize the two
public servers with the master server. He explains, "simply using
'rsync' to synchronize takes too long, just because the file list to
compare is hundreds of megabytes long." To solve for this, Peter says,
"we're working on a stateful sync program." Nathan Laredo is currently
working on the replacement for rsync which is hoped to be ready as
soon as next week.

Andrew Shewmaker

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