rsync version 2.6.3 protocol version 28 - hosts allow dows not work

frodo at frodo at
Sun Jun 19 11:40:23 GMT 2005

Hello all. Rsync rocks, however I am having problems with two things:

1. The hosts allow directive does not allow the use of a hostname. (DNS is
working for I can do a NSLOOKUP on the hostname and it resolves). If I put
the IP address it works fine, problem is that we run DHCP at the office
and my lease expires every 4 days.

2. Rsync is not logging to /var/log/rsyncd.log.

The following is my /etc/rsyncd.conf file on my Gentoo 2005.0 (kernel
2.6.11-gentoo-r11 kernel)
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/net-misc/rsync/files/rsyncd.conf,v
1.3 2004/07/15 00:11:37 agriffis Exp $

# Minimal configuration file for rsync daemon
# See rsync(1) and rsyncd.conf(5) man pages for help

# This line is required by the /etc/init.d/rsyncd script
pid file = /var/run/

uid = nobody
gid = nobody
use chroot = yes
max connections = 10
pid file = /var/run/
motd file = /etc/rsync/rsyncd.motd
transfer logging = yes
log format = %t %a %m %f %b
syslog facility = local3
timeout = 300

path = /rsync/bweaver
comment = Brent's Backup sync site
read only = no
guest ok = yes
public = yes
create mask = 0777

path = /rsync/jliscenski
comment = Joe's Backup sync site
read only = no
guest ok = yes
public = yes
create mask = 0777

I would also like to know how to set the protections to 777 on the
files/dirs that I create on my rsync mirror. I would like to use the
delete option so that it totaly keeps my laptop in sync w/ my rsync

What am I missing here? Any help is GREATLY appreciated for I am using
this to backup my laptop to my linux box, and rsync is the way to do it!

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