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Chuck Wolber chuckw at
Wed Jun 15 17:54:07 GMT 2005

On Wed, 15 Jun 2005, ches wrote:

> I find that rsync is an excellent tool for backing up my large 
> partitions, often over slower links on the Internet.  I run a cron job 
> every night to update backup mirrors.
> But occasionally I make large changes to the source disk, and the rsync 
> update takes more thanb 24 ours to complete.  Then I can have two or 
> more rsyncs working over the same source and destination directories.
> What I really want is to tell rsync to desist the mirroring after a 
> certain amount of time.  It's ok with me if it takes a few nights to 
> bring the mirrors back into alignment.

That may be out of scope for rsync, but that's just me. I solved that 
problem by obtaining an flock() on a file in /var/lock. If a process 
starts up and can't attain the lock, it quietly dies (or does whatever I 
want it to do).

Some people have tried goofy stuff like creating a lockfile and then 
checking for its existance. Aside from race conditions, if your process 
dies prematurely, it never gets deleted.

I managed to write a perl library to manage my flock'ing. I can post it if 
anyone is interested.


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