[Bug 2328] cygwin rsync hangs when initiated remotely after transfering some files

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Wed Jun 15 08:36:40 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From Steve.Graham at siemens.com  2005-06-15 01:36 -------
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I have windows XP Professional installed ( new installation last week) with the 
rsync 2.6.3. Before the rebuild I was using rsync OK ( sorry, dont know which 
version!) from XP to Solaris rsync daemon ( version 2.5.5 ) with no problems.

I now get the same lock up/ hang etc. as Chris describes but the only way out 
is to power off the XP machine, killing the rsync doesn't help since it appears 
that the network connection has been trashed.

The command is a simple: rsync -va <filename> <machine>::Dir/.

rsync works OK when I mount the remote drive locally ( destination 
is /cygdrive/h/Dir/.) or if I use <username>@<machine>:/home/<machine>/Dir/. - 
this goes through ssh with no problems.

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