[Bug 2784] rsync gives following error: buffer overflow in receive_file_entry

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------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2005-06-12 00:13 -------
This sounds like the bytes being transfer are being corrupted between the sender
and the receiver, possibly because your remote-shell transport is not 8-bit
clean.  You can test this using the "savetransfer" program in the support dir of
a modern rsync release.  Just chdir into the support dir, type make, and then
read the savetransfer.c file's opening comments for how to make a copy of the
data that is being sent or received (one copy on the sender, and one on the
receiver) and then diff it for errors.

Your --rsh options are also strange:  you're using a --port option that has no
effect, for instance (because you'r using a remote shell to talk directly to a
freshly-spawned daemon process over stdin/stdout).  The specifying of rsync
options is more appropriately done in the --rsync-path option rather than in the
--rsh option.  For instance, rsync is appending the --server --daemon options
onto the rsync command, so the command you list is running this (this is a
single command):

ssh BCPSERVER rsync rsyncd --daemon --config=FILE --port=PORT BCPSERVER
/PATH/rsync --server --daemon

If you changed the --rsh option to be just "ssh" and changed the --rsync-path
option to be "$RSYNCPATH --config=$RSYNCDCONFIGFILE", it would run something
more like this:

ssh BCPSERVER /PATH/rsync --config=FILE --server --daemon

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