[Bug 2783] Random high loads during syncs (server side) / client stream errors

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Fri Jun 10 19:40:57 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2005-06-10 12:40 -------
Rsync uses a large amount of CPU on the sending side due to the fact that the
rsync algorithm is trading CPU and disk I/O to reduce network I/O (and using an
encryption algorithm on top of that only makes the CPU that much higher, so
using a daemon connection is less CPU intensive).  The only way to reduce this
is to use the option --whole-file, which makes rsync retransfer each changed
file in its entirety rather than try to use CPU to figure out the differences.

The gentoo bug you cite seems to be primarily concerned with timeouts, and this
is one of the things that 2.6.5 (and to a lesser extent, 2.6.4) tries to fix.
You do need to set things up correctly, though: (1) both sides need to be
running at least 2.6.4 for any timeout-avoidance to occur (and the server needs
to be running 2.6.5 for maximal timeout avoidance); (2) both sides need to know
about the timeout, so if the server is a daemon that has a timeout specified in
its config file, the client needs to have the same (or lower) timeout set via
the --timeout command-line option or the client will not know to send the
keep-live packets to the sender.

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