need good wrapper

Anne Ramey anner at
Fri Jun 10 17:55:37 GMT 2005

Cameron Simpson wrote:
> On 09Jun2005 15:23, Anne Ramey <anner at> wrote:
> | I'm having trouble with the rsync wrapper's I've found online:
> | rsync_wrapper[8458]: SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND environment variable 
> | apparently not set
> | rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes read so far)
> | rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(189)
> | 
> | I'm not sure if this is a problem of incompatibility between my RHES3 
> | and the wrappers I've found or a problem I could fix in the OS.
> | 
> | ideas?
> This isn't an rsync thing, it's an ssh thing.
> $SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND is set by modern sshds to be the command passed.
> For example, suppose I go:
> 	ssh host 'ls foo'
> On the remote machine "host" the shell environment will have
> $SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND set to "ls foo".
> This is important when using the "command=" option in the
> .ssh/authorized_keys file. It lets you place a command there to be
> unconditionally run when someone connected with a particular key, and
> that command can then examine $SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND to see what was
> really asked for.
> I expect your wrapper is relying on this to verify the "rsync in daemon
> mode" command that rsync passed over ssh to the remote rsync, and I'm
> further expecting that the sshd on the remote system is not setting
> What version of ssh is being run on the remote system?
> Test mechanism:
> 	ssh host env
> and see what is there.
> Cheers,

 From what I can find about it, I'd have to force the ssh command to set 
that variable.  How can I force the ssh command using rsync?


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