[Bug 2781] rsync linked files not listed as uptodate

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------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2005-06-09 09:34 -------
Rsync doesn't output "uptodate" for hardlinks, but it should be outputting "is a
hard link" messages for the item instead of outputting its name.

The easiest way to partially work around the problem is to use the -i option. 
This switches over to the itemized list of changes, and the output will look
something like this:

[...].d        a/
.f        a/bar
hf....... a/foo

The only problem with that output is that the dots after the "hf" (h=hard-link,
f=file, .=no-change in attribute) should really be spaces (which indicates that
an item was completely unchanged).

I'll attach a fix for these problems.

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