Cannot Allocate Memory

Max Kipness max at
Tue Jun 7 18:47:50 GMT 2005

Hello -

I've just upgraded to 2.6.5.

On a new set of servers I'm trying to sync I seem to be running into a log
of memory allocation errors.

With some of the servers, I start the rsync session, and it counts so many
files and then stops. At that point I'm unable to control-c out of the
process. From another session I can't issue a kill command either...very

On other servers, the first few files/directories issue a 'cannot allocate
memory', but strangly enough, it continues on.

Does this simply mean that the 256mb memory isn't sufficient? I am trying
to sync a very large folder structure.

Is there anyway around this using tmp disk space or something until I can
get more memory?


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