Stupid --delete mistake

Ed whisk at
Sat Jun 4 01:00:30 GMT 2005

Hi, I've a nasty feeling I know the answer to this post, but I'm gonna ask
and pray anyway :-)


I just made a rather stupid commandline ordering error and managed to delete
a whole load of data (mostly word files/some pics fwiw) with rsync -delete.
I know, I'm an idiot (and a big one at that).  To make matters worse this
was off an ext3 partition, which from what I can find out seems pretty much
undeleteable - at least if deleted in the normal way by rm.


So the question is, does rsync delete files in a way which will allow me to
recover them, or am I, as I suspect, royally screwed :(


Thanks for any help (or just general smugness at the safely backed-up nature
of your files :) you can give

Ed (wondering why he ever tried to do anything involving delete parameters
this late at night)

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