Rsync from windows 98 with a password file

Pete Letkeman pete at
Fri Jun 3 15:31:52 GMT 2005

When I use this command from a Windows XP system everything works fine:

C:\cwrsync\cwrsync>rsync.exe -avzr --stats --password
file=c:\cwrsync\pete.secret --files-from=filesfrom.dat /
pete at crux1::testing 

But when I try if from a Windows 98 system I get this error message:

"password file must not be other-accessible continuing without password

Can rsync run from Windows 98 using a password file? If someone has this
working then can you sent me a URL to version of rsync that used to get
it working.

Thanks for your help,

Peter Letkeman, Programmer
Electro-Byte Technologies Inc.
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
pete at 

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