New cwRsync Release (2.0.0)

Tevfik Karagülle tevfik at
Fri Jun 3 05:57:31 GMT 2005


A new version of cwRsync installer has been released. cwRsync is a yet
another packaging of Rsync and Cygwin. 

cwRsync VERSION 2.0.0 - June 2005

Highlights (see changelog for more info)

- Two installers: client and server
- Built-in OpenSSH server
- Secure Channel Wrapper and Wizard
- Rsync 2.6.5
- OpenSSH 4.1p1
- OpenSSL 0.9.7g
- Cygwin 1.5.17-1

MD5 signatures:
e58890ae5d5af88d58b1417f6c108e3f *
8c9bebcf51abf26d70fd476170133e57 *

SHA1 signatures:
9d95a26c062985d74df2fa9859a741409d10f5f0 *
d7f98e3de2d87174455ae23e893a528f13a79788 *

Download page:


Best regards

Tevfik Karagulle
ITEFIX Consulting
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