[Bug 2933] regression with hardlinked devices

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------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2005-07-31 15:50 -------
This is rather interesting.  In the old days, rsync didn't hard-link symlinks
and devices.  In 2.6.1 through 2.6.3, hard-linked non-regular files began to be
supported, but in a way that was inefficient (the symlinks and devices would all
get created as separate entities, and then the post-processing hard-link pass
would hard-link any groups together, possibly deleting a symlink or device that
was just created.  In 2.6.4, the post-processing pass was done away with (to
make things more efficient), and thus the hard-linking of these non-regular
files broke.

So, the fix is to add hard-linking code to symlinks and devices so that they get
handled properly from the start.  I'll attach a patch that does this.

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