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David Ayers d.ayers at
Thu Jul 28 10:35:21 GMT 2005

Hello everyone,

I have run into the same issue which the fname-convert patch solves:

i.e. rsyncing between and latin 1 and utf-8 locales.

First I'd really like to thank Eran Tromer for providing the patch as
this fixes my immediate issue!  I've attached an updated version which
applies to the rsync-2.6.5 release and includes updates to proto.h.

I must admit, I would have been fully pleased with a libiconv solution
that merely interprets the file names in the character set defined be
the current locale of the process and converted into UTF-8 internally
for comparison/transfer to the remote system, and converts the UTF-8
representation back to the charset defined by the local process on when
writing files.  But this would have needed both rsync versions to
support this feature, couldn't handle conversion if the file names on
the local system could not be interpreted in the locale of the process
and of course lacks the extreme flexibility of the conversion which this
solution allows.

It think it would be great if this patch (or something similar) could
make it into the trunk.

Let me also thank Paul Slootman for pointing me to this patch!

Thanks a lot folks!
David Ayers
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