rsync transmits unchanged data

Martin Kammerlander csad3934 at
Thu Jul 28 08:55:25 GMT 2005

Zitat von Wayne Davison <wayned at>:

 So, those are all new files.

But the problem is that those file are 100% NOT new... :( (pls believe me ;)
The files on this server were only updated once per day!! There was no change of
the size and no change of the timestamp...I really checked this more then

the needles copying of those files which are not new always happened only on a
specific folder...

I believe I found out that it has something to do with the timestamp (altough
timestamp didn't changed at all) of the files in this folder: I made the
command "touch" over all files in this folder and now finally rsync works!!

Somebody may has an explanation what went wrong here??


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