transfered data size question

Armin Obersteiner armin at
Thu Jul 28 07:20:40 GMT 2005


I try to mirror CPAN with:

  rsync -r --progress --delete-after --links --stats rsync:// /home/share/developer/CPAN


Number of files: 177720
Number of files transferred: 55815
Total file size: 2666283775 bytes
Total transferred file size: 2048219168 bytes
Literal data: 8334098 bytes
Matched data: 2039885070 bytes
File list size: 10731521
Total bytes written: 12626713
Total bytes read: 28957356

wrote 12626713 bytes  read 28957356 bytes  44451.17 bytes/sec
total size is 2666283775  speedup is 64.12


real    15m35.075s
user    0m46.650s
sys     1m23.860s


1) which one is the net-value of the network transferred bytes (I guess total transferred file size,
but his is rather high, I'm not sure my line is even capable of that ;-)
2) it seems that unchanged files are transferred too?

Well I guess I'm doning something wrong ...

Thanks &
	DI Armin Obersteiner
armin at                        pgp public key on request        CU

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