rsync transmits unchanged data

Martin Kammerlander csad3934 at
Thu Jul 28 06:41:12 GMT 2005

Zitat von Wayne Davison <wayned at>:

 Which most likely means that something is touching the files.  If you're
 using 2.6.5, add the -i option to see what attributes have changed to
 trigger the copy.



ok when I use the -i flag then I get the following output:

building file list ... done
.d..t.... drm/
>f+++++++ drm/1
>f+++++++ drm/
>f+++++++ drm/dsmserv.err
>f+++++++ drm/slot_3570_bank

sent 5317 bytes  received 158 bytes  3650.00 bytes/sec
total size is 28191491  speedup is 5149.13

What do this attributes mean?
And another question: does reading a file have affect to the syncronizing

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