Transfering very large files / and restarting failures (again)

Todd Papaioannou lucky at
Wed Jul 27 20:53:10 GMT 2005

Woops! In my last email, I meant to say the second command

rsync --no-whole-file --progress theFile /path/to/dest



My situation is that I would like to use rsync to copy very large files 
within my network/systems. Specifically, these files are
in the order of 10-100GB. Needless to say, I would like to be able
to restart a transfer if it only partially succeeded, but NOT repeat
the work already done. 

Currently, I am initiating the transfer with this command:

rsync --partial --progress theFile /path/to/dest

where both theFile and /path/to/dest are local drives. In the future
/path/to/dest will be an NFS mount.

This succeeds in writing theFile to the destination as bytes flow.
I.e. I get a partial file there, until the full transfer is successful.

Now, say something failed. I want to restart that transfer, and
am trying something like:

rsync -u --no-whole-file --progress theFile /path/to/dest

However, the stats shown during the progress seem to imply that 
the whole transfer is starting again. 

Can someone help me out with the correct options to ensure that
if I want to restart a copy I can take advantage of the bytes that have
already been transferred?

Many Thanks


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