hanging problem on cygwin

Hari Krishna Dara haridara at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 23:44:00 GMT 2005


I am using the latest rsync version that is available as of today,
which is 2.6.5, that I compiled from the src downloaded from rsync
website (my understanding is that the latest version includes all the
patches that were required for cygwin). Both the source and target
systems are Windows 2000 server, and I am trying to sync over ssh
(through inetd).

I am frequently facing problem with rsync as it hangs with no
messages. If I kill the client, it remains running on the server side,
so I have to kill that too. I have searched for cygwin hanging
problems and found a few posts regarding some old versions, but I
expected them to be fixed by now, and I didn't find any
solutions/resolutions. The last time it happened, I initiated the sync
from the source m/c instead of the target m/c and it went through
fine. After that, I switched back to running it on the target m/c, and
it ran fine for about a week or so, and now it  is hanging again (all
through the weekend).

I looked at the issues page on rsync website, and tried to gather
netstat output, but netstat on windows doesn't seem to print the queue
states. I should be able to get the strace output, though I
accidentally killed the rsync command while killing the strace. I am
currently trying to rerun the sync to see if it hangs again and post
with the strace output, but meanwhile, I would like to know how I can
increase the reliability of rsync on cygwin. I am trying to create a
hot backup server for our production perforce installation with about
20gigs of depot files, but the problem is not probably due to the size
of data, as I am sure there are several other users syncing even
larger data sets, but also because I had the same problem earlier in
the test environment syncing a smaller perforce installation of having
about only 50mb of depot files. The problem went away in the test
environment when I restarted rsync, probably because it already copied
a few files before hanging, and so the state was not exactly the same.

The hanging problem is really bothering me as I would like to make
this completely automated in a loop. Can anyone help me resolve this
issue? Will initiating rsync from the source be more reliable? Will
using a different protocol, such as rsh or rsync instead of ssh be any
better? Currently rsh usage is broken on cygwin, but I found a
workaround to use a wrapper on the list archive.

Thanks a lot,

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