rsync doesn't copy all files

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Mon Jul 25 16:12:42 GMT 2005

On Mon, 2005-07-25 17:04:52 +0100, Eduardo Luis <eluis at> wrote:
> Ok, I have something new, but I don't know if i can help.
> Like You said, "Rsync just calls readdir() to get the names of the
> files...."
> Look:
> When I copy those files in a Windows environment to the samba share, (with
> windows drag-n-drop), everything gets ok. In a Windows environment, the
> files are well written. It appears normal, accents, cedillas....
> When I get a shell on that linux box and i make an 'ls' on a directory with
> those files i get an output like this:
> FILE: diferen??a.xls
> If a type 'ls difer' then hit tab, linux will complete the file name and it
> appears:
> FILE: diferenA?a.xls
> That's maybe why rsync says "File has vanished"

No. Windows actually uses two different things to represent files (or
their names), and that's even based on other configuration items.

Your "problem" is like this: one file-creating program (like a Samba
server process) created a filename. This filename is supplied by the
Windows box, in it's local encoding (eg. using ISO-8859-1, the German
umlaut 'Ä' would be seen as 0xc4.  Looking at such a filename locally
on your Linux box may bring up a different letter, because 0xc4 is now
used with a different codepage, where it may mean something totally
different. But still, open()ing the filename returned by readdir() would
work perfectly fine, even if you couldn't meaningfully display the
filename on your local display.

> But, how can i resolve this???
> How can i change my langauge settings and encoding on my FedoraCore4?

There are several codepage settings in Samba which you need to get
right. Unfortunately, having them wrong at some time and correcting them
can lead to wrongly-displaying filenames. So once you got it right,
you'd better check the filenames to see if they match your


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