rsync doesn't copy all files

Eduardo Luis eluis at
Mon Jul 25 16:04:52 GMT 2005

Ok, I have something new, but I don't know if i can help.
Like You said, "Rsync just calls readdir() to get the names of the


When I copy those files in a Windows environment to the samba share, (with
windows drag-n-drop), everything gets ok. In a Windows environment, the
files are well written. It appears normal, accents, cedillas....

When I get a shell on that linux box and i make an 'ls' on a directory with
those files i get an output like this:
FILE: diferen??a.xls

If a type 'ls difer' then hit tab, linux will complete the file name and it

FILE: diferenA?a.xls

That's maybe why rsync says "File has vanished"

But, how can i resolve this???
How can i change my langauge settings and encoding on my FedoraCore4?

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On Fri, Jul 22, 2005 at 05:42:15PM +0100, Eduardo Lu?s wrote:
> Rsync says:
> file has vanished: "/mnt/w2kbox/Company Folders/Dep.
> Administrativo/JOANA/PRE??ARIOS EXPOSI??AO.xls"
> Some words with accents are copied but others not.

This is outside of rsync's hands.  Rsync just calls readdir() to get the
names of the files that are present, and then calls open() on those
names.  So, the names rsync is given don't work to open the files.

Someone affected by this will eventually need to do some investigation
to see where the fault lies.  It might be in the cygwin compatibility
layer (assuming you're using a cygwin version of rsync), or it might be
a weird interaction with a networked file system.  If you (or someone
else) can do so, please do some experiments to try to narrow down what
is going wrong and get in touch with those responsible (and feel free to
report to the list what you discover).


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