[Bug 2868] Allow fifos to be copied by normal users

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Sun Jul 24 06:36:58 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From rsync at cpe-24-95-91-210.columbus.res.rr.com  2005-07-23 23:36 -------
this should apply to both fifos and sockets.
creation of both are unprivileged operations,
see mkfifo(2), socket(2)/bind(2) on freebsd.
suggest moving/modifying do_mknod in these sections
to run regardles of uid and simply complain and continue
on platforms where those syscalls are restricted. just
like if a regular file can't be read due to perm/uid:
 rsync: send_files failed to open "/tmp/a.out": Permission denied (13)

any other eyes looking at this feature may wish to see related:

reply to bugzilla/samba list only, thx.

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