Feature request for rsync for running scripts

Wayne Davison wayned at samba.org
Wed Jul 20 01:06:59 GMT 2005

On Tue, Jul 19, 2005 at 06:27:56PM -0500, Evan Harris wrote:
> Is it possible that this patch might be added to the mainstream
> release anytime soon?

I was originally against the idea, but have softened my opposition after
I saw how self-contained and simple the code turned out to be.  One
remaining problem with it as it stands now is that it doesn't have the
proper configure support (we may need to add a putenv() compatibility
function, for instance).  If someone would like to help with the cross-
platform compatibility of putenv(), that would help to speed this idea's
acceptance a bit more.

> Is there a way to force creation of any necessary path
> components of a "stem" directory of an rsync?

Not without using --relative (and all that implies).  Rsync will only
create the destination directory itself without that.


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