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Great! BTW, sorry for not replying sooner.


> There are two different ways for rsync to contact a remote system: using a
> remote-shell program as the transport (such as ssh or rsh) or contacting an
> rsync daemon directly via TCP.

How about "mainly two" instead of just "two"? Better to forewarn the reader that
this is not the whole picture yet.


> Finally, it is possible to use a remote-shell transport to contact a remote
> host and then to spawn a single-use rsync daemon for those that want to

Throughout the documentation, it seems better not to say "daemon" when this
rather well-defined Unix concept does not apply. The word "server" probably
serves the general purpose equally well: "without having to run a daemon as a
service" (in the quoted text) would then become "without having to run a server
as a daemon" (on MS Windows o.t.o.h., "service" would indeed substitute for
"daemon" in the corrected phrase).

> make use of some of the daemon features (such as named modules) without
> having to run a daemon as a service.

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