[Bug 2873] Including username and hostname in both source and dest fails

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Fri Jul 15 21:07:34 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2005-07-15 14:07 -------
I had meant to include some suggestions for remote-to-remote copying but forgot.
 Let's remedy that.

Let's say you wish to be able to run "rsync -av host1:file host2:" from host3. 
You could do one of two things:

ssh host1 rsync -av file host2:

That logs into host1 and does a copy of a local file to host2 directly, which
works if you can ssh from host1 to host2.  Alternately, if you must use host3 as
a bridge between host1 and host2, do this:

ssh host1 rsync -av --rsync-path="ssh host2 rsync" file host3:

That logs into host1 and does a copy of a local file seemingly to host3 (that's
the host where it connects), but we told host3 to run the rsync command remotely
on host2, so the file is really being sent to host2 through host3.  This only
works if you've configured ssh to allow logins without prompting for a password,
which is possible if you've setup some signed keys and you allow the forwarding
of ssh-agent (or if you've setup some kind of host-based authentication).

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