Windows File Permissions

Ryan Kather RDKath at
Fri Jul 15 15:46:02 GMT 2005

I have recently designed a backup strategy for my company built around RSYNC.  The strategy appears sound for NetWare NSS data and Linux/Unix data as the filesystem permissions are maintained (though some hackery is required for NetWare).  

However, recently a large amount of Windows data has been added to the project raising concerns about filesystem rights.  The windows data is archived on NetApp filers running DataOnTap 7 with NTFS security mode.  The filers are presented to clients as NAS, and I can mount these volumes with the samba client mount -t smbfs (what about CIFS?).

So to the real question!  Is there a way to view and preserve the windows filesystem rights with RSYNC?  I am pretty sure I am not able to view them in the present mount statement as winbindd does not run with samba-client and getfacl does not show extended ACL's matching windows rights.  

Thank you for any insight anyone has.  


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