Can Rsync do this?

Stuart Halliday StuartH at
Thu Jul 14 13:43:47 GMT 2005

> You could either use the --update option, or (perhaps better suited to
> your situation) have a look at unison, which is meant to keep two
> systems in sync, regardless of where changes take place (so long there
> aren't any conflicts, of course).

Thanks for that Paul.

I found if I issue two Rsync commands one after another using the -u option but swap the destination and source in the 2nd command then it does what I want!

The application I'm using is Thunderbird and I use it to Rsync my imapMail folder from two different PCs using the same imap message filters, etc.

I'll look into Unison as I've not heard of this before.

Many thanks for the pointers.

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