windows acl with rsync possible ?

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Wed Jul 6 09:23:48 GMT 2005

Hi all, (i am new at rsync althought using it for a year and half)

i was unable to find a direct answer to this questions : 
_does rsync under windowz really support ACL replication ?_
if I "rsync" a directory, files inherit from the acl of that dir. but if special acls are setted on some files
these are lost in the replication : only inherited acls are written
i tried this with rsync 130a, one collegue of mine tried this in 201

i know there is a CYGWIN=[ntsec|nontsec] option
i will try to change that inside the server and let you know 

_I also heard about an acl-patch : is it for windoz ACL also or unix ACL only ?_ (

ps : has been hacked... some guys has time to waste (it is easier to destroy than to construct)

a real thank you in advance to all

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