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Tue Jul 5 12:50:16 GMT 2005

Le Tuesday 5 July 2005 12:52, Przemysław Owczarek a écrit :
> Hello! I've read a lot of materials about rsync and I'm still a bit
> confused. I'm thinking of implementing core rsync fuctionality in my
> program. Is there a C/C++ library that provides that? It should work with
> normal rsync linux server. My aim is to synchronize data using my own
> software on a client and to store data on a linux server. I have found
> libsync, xdelta and few others but I'm not sure if they are ok. for what I
> want to do. ęłęóThanks in advance.

Currently there is no rsync library for rsync network function. the librsync 
project provide functions for the file access/md4 part.

That exactly the reason why I just started a rewritten of rsync using a struct 
and to create a real library.

Current works is here:

But this need lot of works...

> Regards,
> Joseph Owczarek
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