Permissions Question

Jeff Yana jyana at
Sun Jul 3 21:50:07 GMT 2005


I have a permissions issue. Below is my script. I am attempting to 
archive several data sets from our current production server (a Win2K 
box) to our new server, a high performance Fibre Channel Linux-based 

C:\bin\cwRsyncServer\bin\rsync.exe -avvi 
--rsh="c:\bin\cwRsyncServer\bin\ssh.exe -l root" 
--password-file=c:\bin\cwRsyncServer\etc\secret --progress --stats 
/cygdrive/c/test/ jyana at

Aside from the irritating warning that "not all data may have copied 
over" - not sure why it woould give me this), my test files seem to copy 
over just fine.

My question is this: unless I chmod 777 on the target directory of the 
remote host, rsync fails. I would prefer to have my perms set to 775, 
with owners set to root:wheel, if possible. Currently, the ssh user I am 
authenticating against is a member of the wheel group, so why am I 
having this permissions problem (where rsync cannot write unless perms 
are set to 777)?

Thank you!


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