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Henning Wangerin post+050629 at
Sun Jul 3 12:03:17 GMT 2005


I'm using rsync to do hourly backups ov a number of server.

To let the users on the servers selectively drop parts of their
filesystem for backups, I'm using a method utilizing a "Stop-file"

In a dir that is not going to be backed-up the user pase a file named

Before running rsync I do a find / -name ".no-more-backups" to get a
list of all dirs _not_ to backup.

But now I'm scanning the entire filesystem twice, first time to find
what not to rsync, and afterwards when rsync fetches the file-info.

Would it be possible/an idea to include a "stop-file"-argument in rsync
to let rsync do it all?
Ofcourse the filename to look for should be user-selectable, but that
should be a minor thing, if the general logic is available.

Henning Wangerin <post+050629 at>

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