Rsync and SSH on Windows

Andrew Gideon c172driver99820 at
Sun Feb 20 16:01:19 GMT 2005

Lewis Franklin wrote:

> This works well as two separate processes. However, having read the
> documentation it seems that I should be able to run the ssh commands
> "inline" using the -e flag. However, I have not been able to
> successfully sync using this method. 
> rsync -azve "ssh -l ssh_user -i ssh_key 873:" rsync_user at .

Perhaps I'm missing something obvious, but why not simply:

	rsync -azve "ssh" rsync_user at .

This doesn't involve two different users; the ssh stream will run as 'rsync_user'.
Also note the single colon.

It also doesn't specify the key-pair to use, but that can be moved to
a system-wide or user-specific ssh configuration file.

[Don't all more recent versions of rsync use ssh as transport by default?]

	- Andrew

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