[Bug 2389] block/character devices on Solaris yield wacky rsync stats

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Odd, my reply never made it through.  I'll paste my reply in "manually".  David

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Subject: RE: [Bug 2389] block/character devices on Solaris yield wacky rsync stats

> Please let me know if this fixes the problem.

Hi Wayne,

The patch works just fine - thanks!  I had originally used the same patch;
however, I went with the stat wrapper because:

1) I thought including symlink (pipe, etc) sizes in statistics was intentional

2) I figured a purist would be upset if bogus data lingered in the stat structure

3) I'm not familiar enough with rsync internals to ensure that I would find all
possible "bad" uses of st_size.  You're certainly well versed in rsync internals
and can make such a determination ;-).

Anyway, much obliged for the fix.  David

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