[Bug 1476] Unexplained timout at end of file transfer.

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Sat Feb 26 21:12:56 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From dteed at artistic.ca  2005-02-26 14:12 -------
I may be able to reproduce the original situation.

I can have a browser and X that are running with 90% load on
CPU 1 and 98% load on CPU 2.  Once I have waited for the emerge
timestamp to age, I can try the sync again and possibly reproduce the bug.

The question is, once I'm there and can reproduce the timeout from
io.c, what do we want to know?  Is there any stat from lsof, 
for example, that would help?

If you want to know what I've done to reproduce the scenario:
start X, launch 2 mozilla browsers (maybe one would work),
enter a continuous stream of some character into the address
bar of mozilla.  I can do this with double clicking scroll lock
and hitting some digit after.  It is the same thing as putting
an object on the keyboard (or just one key) so it autorepeats
some character forever.

I'm only using this weird scenario to reproduce what
happened to me.  I believe it will also simulate other
types of system saturation with different causes that also
lead to the io.c timeout error.

Please let me know any data you'd like to gather, or if there
is something I can add to the source to help debug it.  I'm
working with 2.6.3 right now.

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