Feature request: Being able specify that the destination should follow source directory structure.

Hans Deragon hans at deragon.biz
Fri Feb 25 23:13:53 GMT 2005


If I do this:

rsync --hard-links
module/someotherdir/1.0/images/redhat/3.0WS/en/os/i386" /export/distros

I get:

/export/distros/i386/... and a conflict between the two sources.

I want for destination:


In other words, I would like to see an option that says to rsync to create
some of the subdirectories found in the source directory.  Something like:

rsync --hard-links
distros/someotherdir/'1.0/images/redhat/3.0WS/en/os/i386'" /export/distros

Notice the ' which would be an indicator for the list of subdirectories to
recreate on the destination.  ' is a valid character for filename, so
something else could be used, but I have put it there as an example.

Because I want to maintain the hard links, I do not want to run two separate
rsync commands to perform this copying.

Best regards,
Hans Deragon
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