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Dale Bohl dbohl at
Fri Feb 25 22:02:24 GMT 2005

Hi all,

    Here's my story.  I have 3 hosts, 1 remote and 2 local.
We'll say for the sake of clarity that h1 is remote and h2
is the local rsync pull host and h3 is also a local host
on the net.

    Using rsync, I want to pull a data set first from h1 to both h2 and h3.
The first pull copies all the data from h1 to h2 and h3.  OK, that gives
me a baseline of the data on both h2 and h3.  Now h3 is taken off the
network and moved to a different location and the only way to update
the data set on h3 is to copy data from a DVD to h3's hard disk.

    When I run rsync again the next week on h2, I want to write any changes
that have occurred to the data set to a sperate directory on h2.
Those changes must then be burned to a DVD and then sneakernetted to h3
for an update to the h3 data set there.

Does anyone have a perl or other tool that can do this.

I have the rsync script running and have pulled the baseline dataset
from h1 to both h2 and h3.  Now I need to get changes to h3 somehow.

Dale Bohl
dbohl at

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