[Bug 1476] Unexplained timout at end of file transfer.

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Fri Feb 25 19:53:44 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From dteed at artistic.ca  2005-02-25 12:53 -------
I've had rsync problems intermittantly in Gentoo.

Gentoo uses rsync within portage package management system.

Typically users run "emerge sync" to update their
portage tree prior to building or maintaining any

After spending a whole day trying to make emerge sync
run without a timeout in rsync/io.c I finally found my
solution.  I killed the frozen X window and mozilla
on the console and then emerge sync worked
reliably.  I've come to the conclusion that the timeout
error is completely bogus and the real issue is
something that falsely looks like a timeout.

See my bug report at Gentoo:

Many Gentoo users suffer from this bug.  When
a system is borderline, one can keep trying and
eventually the rsync works.  Such users don't report
bugs, they just plug along and live with it.
Yesterday was the first day I've seen it fail
very consistantly.

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