Request to include delete-dir-and-suffix patch in rsync-2.6.4

Marc St-Onge at
Fri Feb 25 18:09:36 GMT 2005

The delete-dir-and-suffix patch creates two new command line options as

The delete-dir and delete-suffix options give the ability to store backup of
deleted files on the receiver in different directories or with different
suffix than the backup of files that have been changed but that are still on
the source drive.  Both commands can be combined.

This patch turns Rrsync into a very convenient backup and restore system as
it treats the mirror image of existing files, the archive repository of
files that have been changed, and the repository of files that have been
deleted in three separate directory or filesystem.  This is now widely used
in our organization and has saved us the expense of buying a SAN.

Marc St-Onge

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